Oscar Guirado

Teams Developer | TeamEQ Barcelona, Spain
Oscar Guirado


A transformation coach and consultant specialising in teams. He’s the creator of the catalysing method for integral support for change and the Accounts Manager at TeamEQ. Oscar supports the transformation of teams and leadership in organisations, geared towards co responsibility and the development of emotional and collective intelligence.


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Round Table Recruitament and Talent

Andoni Rodríguez de Galarza
Andoni Rodríguez de Galarza ARDG Consulting Especialista vendes B2B
José Antonio Ruiz
José Antonio Ruiz Ecosistema más empresa – Ibercaja Coordinador Technical Office
Oscar Guirado
Oscar Guirado TeamEQ Teams Developer
Joan Clotet
Joan Clotet Ferrovial Talent Innovation Manager
Jaume Gurt
Jaume Gurt Global Future of Work Foundation Director General

12-06-2019 11:00 12-06-2019 12:00 Europe/Madrid Round Table Recruitament and Talent

Among the participants will be:

Ecosistema més empresa (The ecosystem plus the enterprise) – Ibercaja – José María Santos

Axa Opensurance – Oscar Paz

Ferrovial – Joan Clotet

Schibsted – Jaume Gurt

Wed 12 11:00h - 12:00h L6 CREIXEMENT
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